“The containers turned up and are in much better condition that I expected, 3 in total and not a single one with a hole in. Too bad I’m cutting them up…”


Been looking around for a good deal and I found this company who gave me a quote for 20-footer but when I was about to pay there are a lot of hidden charges, so I cancelled it right away. Good thing I stumbled upon U-vest and called them. Was able to talk to Jie and she quickly responded then gave me a better price. They are very transparent, and she even gave me 20% discount! I bought 3 20-footer by the way, and may I add, all in good condition as they communicated with me. Pleasant experience.

Jamie RCustomer

The UNITS was great and much more spacious than I thought it would be. I got great service from Maria, just call her and trust – you’ll get the great prices and services. I used it for moving and storage. Thank you Maria!

David DCustomer

We ordered 2 20ft containers and were told they’d be delivered on Friday and Tuesday. We’ll we waited all day Friday then the driver Ceaser called and said there was an issue locating it and we agreed he could deliver it Saturday morning. He was a bit late but while unloading the first container he told me he had both containers prepared the night before and was going back for the other one same day!! Thank you Ceaser! You’re awesome! Containers are in really good shape and we’re really happy. And thanks to Eloise for all her help too.

Patty WCustomer

The drivers doesn’t want to wait 1 minute ! If you don’t have clearance around the container they’re leaving to charge you more for every delay ! I had 2 containers rented from them it took them 2 weeks to pick up the first one … they kept rescheduling! When they came to pick up the second one the driver didn’t even blink … he said it’s not ready and he left !

Abel MCustomer

My sales agent Eloise was very patient with my queries and reassured me that my container of choice was perfect for my upcoming project. Thanks hun! xx

Regina BCustomer

The online experience was good and Jhie handled with a 5 Star plus customer service! Delivery was within the time stated and the container arrived as described. Kudos to this outlet!

Aira KCustomer

I’m glad I was assisted by Gene. He’s very thorough and informative. Bought 4 20 ft last month for storage since we moved and no issues. Thank you!

Pater ZCustomer

Star was able to answer all my questions and gave me certainty on the container I was getting. Was able to get a nice deal on the unit! Thanks so much. Highly recommended!


Had a good experience as they were able to get a pod out soon after I called. The other two I called needed two to three days. Good customer service and would use them again.

Jason MCustomer