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Joan A

I have been enjoying my new shipping container. My husband has been busy adding all kinds of drawers and shelves for storage. He’s planning to buy another one for a wood working home workshop.

Pater Z

I’m glad I was assisted by Gene. He’s very thorough and informative. Bought 4 20 ft last month for storage since we moved and no issues. Thank you!

Patty W

We ordered 2 20ft containers and were told they’d be delivered on Friday and Tuesday. We’ll we waited all day Friday then the driver Ceaser called and said there was an issue locating it and we agreed he could deliver it Saturday morning. He was a bit late but while unloading the first container he told me he had both containers prepared the night before and was going back for the other one same day!! Thank you Ceaser! You’re awesome! Containers are in really good shape and we’re really happy. And thanks to Eloise for all her help too.

Jess M

Lots of room!
I was happy with the help from my salesman, Paul. The container is great, has a lot of room, and the paint finish matches my home. THANKS!

Regina B

My sales agent Eloise was very patient with my queries and reassured me that my container of choice was perfect for my upcoming project. Thanks hun! xx

Jonathan M

Very impressed with this purchase. The interior space is very easy to access with the large door opening. These containers are great value compared to a barn construction while offering more durability too. I strongly recommend U-vest Depot to anyone looking for a storage container.

V Singh

We’re using our container for office file storage, since there is no space left in our building. I like the looks of it and surprisingly it keeps even temperature throughout. Also the vents keep fresh air flowing so it doesn’t get musky inside. I Love the lock box for extra security and peace of mind. Picture is the best I could do in my space.

Jason M

Had a good experience as they were able to get a pod out soon after I called. The other two I called needed two to three days. Good customer service and would use them again.

Edwin M

U-vest did an amazing job for me. I would recommend them to anyone as a ‘full package work team’.

Clay M

It was a great price and fit in my space perfectly. The driver who set it did a great job and was on time! My only complaint is that the wind and water tight unit was a little more banged up than I had expected. Next time I’ll get a new one tripper instead.

Abel M

The drivers doesn’t want to wait 1 minute ! If you don’t have clearance around the container they’re leaving to charge you more for every delay ! I had 2 containers rented from them it took them 2 weeks to pick up the first one … they kept rescheduling! When they came to pick up the second one the driver didn’t even blink … he said it’s not ready and he left !

Raul V

Overall, this is a great storage container. The only drawback I have found so far is the fact that the doors are a little hard to open and close. They told me this could be because the U-vest was not placed on level ground. It’s possible because I didn’t have enough time to level it. That was my fault though – I should have been better prepared. Anyhow will look into this soon!

Gloria P

We’ve had our shipping container now for 4 months and I must say it is a joy opening the doors and seeing what there is inside. I was really impressed by the customer service from the staff at U-vest Depot. They’re friendly, honest and professional. They lose one star for the delivery driver, who broke down on the way, but the container eventually arrived in good condition.

Emily K

Fabrication is on point! U-vest you guys are amazing.

William S

Excellent work, Love my new container. It’s Superb in every way! I’m amazed by the amount of space, the visual design and function. I’m particularly impressed with the price. I wish I had bought this long ago. I was not expecting the process to be so easy.

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